Birthday Bash

Since Macy's and Chris' birthdays fall 11 days apart, and numbers 30 and 1 are kind of a big deal, I decided to do a joint birthday party. We enjoyed a perfect day at the park with some family and friends. My friends have a cool company called A Little Scene Flip Books, their mobile studio creates personalized flip books as party favors. They were kind enough to come to our party and let us have some fun making our own flip books. (I'll post a video of some so you can see what I'm talking about). You can visit their website here.
I cracked the whip on my poor brother to make us some invites, I thought they turned out great. J&B, I'm ready when you are to cash in on some grilled romaine.
Macy started making this face a few weeks ago. She does it when she thinks she is really cool, we laugh every time.
She spent a lot of the day in the ice bucket.

Thanks Mom and Dad for helping to put on the entire show. I couldn't believe how sweet and generous my parents were, I don't think either of them sat down all day. With no questions asked, both of them just worked until it was all said and done. Thank you, I had so much fun spending the day with you guys. I didn't get a picture of my pops bustin' his hump, but here's my mom flipping some tortillas for the awesome carnitas we had.

Birthday Girl

Our Baby Macy turned one! We celebrated the occasion by going out to dinner with my parents, Matt, Wendy, and cousin P. Here she is delighted with her present from Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Phil.
Since Macy's one true love in life are Cheerios, I decided to make her a Cheerios cake. Do I know my girl or what? She payed no attention to the frosting and went right for the precious circles in the center of the heart.

New View

After a few months of wrestling this pig into her car seat every time we wanted to go somewhere, we decided that it was time to let the big girl face forward while riding in her throne. Baby had to go first...

She was acting too cool at first, no smile for the parents beaming in the front seat with cameras snapping away. Once we turned up some music she decided to join in on the dance party and kick up her heals (Elaine from Seinfeld style).


You know that saying "you are what you eat?" Well, I think Macy is proof that it's true... she is what I ate. My only craving during my pregnancy was plain Cheerios. I ate them every day of all 41 weeks and 2 days (yes, she was 9 days late). Most days I would eat them twice. I don't know what is was, but I had to have them. I remember looking at her the day I brought her home and thinking, "How in the world did I make her... out of Cheerios." The girl can eat these for every meal and then some. I think I may have to put her on a Cheerios diet because she won't eat her breakfast, she holds out because she knows the good stuff is coming. WHAT is in them?