Little Dinosaur

Macy's favorite book is How Does A Dinosaur Say Goodnight. The girl would listen to this 30 times a day if she could. We've read it so many times that she knows what parts are coming next. Our favorite part is when she turns around to give us a kiss when the dinosaur gives a kiss goodnight, if we're lucky we get two!



Happy Birthday Christopher! Now people will be even more surprised to find out that you are not 23 years old. (Two girls he works with asked him how old he was last week, he told them to guess, and they both said 23... happens all the time). Chris' birthday was the on the 19th. We spent the day going to church, hanging out with his family, eating birthday cake, hanging out with my family, and eating some more birthday cake. The two of us celebrated the next night by going out to dinner. Believe it or not, it was the first date we've been on since Macy was born. My parents babysat tiny for us, she had the time of her life and was a little disappointed when we came home. We went to Benihana and they tried to sit us at a table with a squirming 1 and 3 year old. I kindly told the hostess that we would not be joining their group as this was a kid-free night. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and felt like giddy teenagers.

Chris' present wasn't arriving until 2 days after his birthday, but there's something wrong with turning 30 and having nothing to open. So I made him a book from Macy "30 Reasons Why I love My Dad. " The reasons were specific to the two of them and had a picture for each one. I think he liked it. Happy 30th birthday Christopher, I love you.



Gather together at Grandpa Art's for an Easter brunch and egg hunt. 

Take a family photo for the blog.

Reminisce about the years before (wow, what a difference a year makes). 

Listen for hunting instructions. "I see it, I grab it, and I move on."

"Like this Mom?"

 "Oh, it's so shiny."

"Right, move on."

"I think I'm getting good at this."

Next, sit and evaluate the goods.

Check out what the others got.

Possibly do a swap-a-roo with the girls. 

Have about 1,000 flashes go off in 30 seconds.

Try and smile with a giant malt ball in your mouth.

Macy LOVED A&M's dog. She was a little scared, but not scared enough to stay away. Non-stop squeals of delight. I'm worried she'll be the kid that begs us for a dog for every birthday until we finally cave. 

I had to post these cuzzies. They're so cute. 

Easter morning after church.

We had so much fun with this little peach.  I had no idea she would be so into all the action, considering she's only 11 months. I think the practicing with Grandma Sherry paid off. She hadn't had a nap all day at the hunt and we didn't hear one complaint.