July 4th

We had more fun this 4th of July than we've had in a long time! We spent the first part of the day at the beach with my family. There was great weather, delicious food, and fun playing in the water. Macy loves playing in the little pool my mom brings to the beach. We filled it with warm water, toys, cousins, and possibly a sand crab or two. After a quick nap at home, we headed out to spend the rest of the day with the Hawkins. We went swimming, had a water balloon toss/fight, played with fireworks, and ate more treats than one person should eat in a month. Right after our personal fireworks show, we noticed a huge hill on fire which added to our excitement.


The Mansion

I named my parent's home "the mansion." To Macy, it pretty much is a mansion compared to her former residence. She loves it here. There are two extra people here to give her attention, all new toys, a huge back yard, hundreds of new books, and much more. She's in heaven. Grandma is teaching her how to bust her hump to earn her keep.

May you R.I.P. Eloise. Let's just say this crime scene involved Macy, a cup of grape juice, and a once loved dolly. Macy used to carry her around saying "baby," but after the accident she whimpered every time she got near Eloise. On a lighter note, the grape juice came out of the carpet.

The monster fell asleep in true character.


We've moved! In order to make life a little easier on us (not so much them) we decided to move in with my parents. Somehow we tricked them into letting us stay with them while Chris goes back to school. We packed up our little home that we moved into when we got married nearly 6 years ago. It was a little sad leaving the only place we've called home together, but exciting at the same time. We will really miss my grandparents whom the house belonged to and we lived behind. It was nice to get so spend so much time with them and get to know them better. I love those two.