The Mansion

I named my parent's home "the mansion." To Macy, it pretty much is a mansion compared to her former residence. She loves it here. There are two extra people here to give her attention, all new toys, a huge back yard, hundreds of new books, and much more. She's in heaven. Grandma is teaching her how to bust her hump to earn her keep.

May you R.I.P. Eloise. Let's just say this crime scene involved Macy, a cup of grape juice, and a once loved dolly. Macy used to carry her around saying "baby," but after the accident she whimpered every time she got near Eloise. On a lighter note, the grape juice came out of the carpet.

The monster fell asleep in true character.


TheGefrom5 said...

Those pictures are adorable! I am so glad you moved into the Mansion!:) I have to comment about the 1st bday party spread...because it wouldn't be like ME NOT too ;): How cute!!! I loved all candy jars and cute desserts...you and your moms ideas are just adorable!! Great, great job!!:)

Michele said...

You are so HILARIOUS! I have to admit that I found your blog off of Heather's. I hope you don't mind me peeking. Things I have to know...what ended up happening to Eloise? What is Macy wearing on her hands (do you remember Grover from Sesame Street?)? If Macy needs a break from the slave labor camp at G-ma's, then she can come over to play anytime.